Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Scene 2, Day 2 (40 Scenes in 40 Days Writing Challenge)

Scene 2 came in at 1272 words. I went back and dropped the whip (kind of harsh, I know). In scene 2, I needed to get my main character Melody, in a new place, so the Queen of Tor arrived at the orphanage to select one of the older girls (Melody is the eldsest) as her ward. Melody's friend (who was just named Karilynn today) spilled the beans. She let the queen know that Melody has a token (gift, talent), or so she thinks. The queen selects Melody and tells her to pack her things. I wrote this scene before school today which frees me this evening to work on a nonfiction project (and blog, of course), but it also gives me a little daydream time. I need time to process the next scene -make it come alive in my mind. I'm heading to the castle in scene 3.

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