Monday, March 19, 2012

Scene 1, Day 1 (40 Scenes in 40 Days Writing Challenge)

Scene 1, Day 1

I set the coffee pot last night to begin brewing around 4:45 a.m. Coffee first. I confess I already had about 300 words drafted out for scene one, so I was ready to go. I sat down and started typing. An hour later, I had over 1200 words, and I was only halfway through the first scene. I originally thought my scenes would be somewhat short -around 1000 to 1500 words, but this scene took a turn on its own and headed in a different direction that I originally expected.

Power to pansters! Sometimes you just have to go on the journey with your character. Melody took me deep into the underground tunnels of the Kingdom of Tor. It was a late night adventure in a place where it's unlawful for citizens to be out in the streets at night, and she is an orphan. Melody risked everything to go in search of a runaway boy. I realized this wasn't the first time Melody took a trip to the deep downs. After all, she knows Rory, the leader of the street rats. This was the first surprise! I didn't know about Rory until he appeared on my stage. He's cocky and flirtatious, and now I'm going to have to weave him into the story.

Melody's adventure brings her token (gift, talent) to the surface. Music. The only problem -music is dead in the Kingdom of Tor. She is unaware of its existence, and even more unaware of its powers. I bet you want to know what happened? Well, yes, she finds Trey, is almost snatched by the night rebels, and discovers her gift, but I can't leave her in an a good place (as mild as that is). Melody, the boy, and her friend (who goes with her) are busted -by the mistress of the orphanage. Right now, the mistress has a whip in her hands and is waiting for an explanation.

Scene one consists of 2429 words. Now I just need to figure out how to get Melody out of one spot of trouble and into another. 

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